Introducing The Upholsterer's Marketplace Podcast!

Business Tips Podcast Video

We're excited to introduce our brand new podcast. 

This podcast is for boutique upholsterers, contract upholsterers, reupholstery shops, and independent brands. We'll be discussing tips for running your business, industry news, customer profiles, and much more.

For our first episode, we spoke to Justin P Lambert, a marketing consultant with North Carolina agency Words That Begin With You, about how boutique upholsterers, reupholsterers, and independent brands can enhance their brand identity and build relationships with prospects and customers using digital marketing strategies. Here's the episode:

It's also available on YouTube:

This dovetails nicely with the free guide we just released: How to Market Your Upholstery Business During the COVID-19 Crisis. Download the free guide to learn even more. 

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