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Welcome to The Upholsterer's Marketplace, a value-added service by Hickory Springs Mfg. Co. 

A New Store With a Rich History

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Founded in 1944 in the heart of America's furniture capital, Hickory Springs Mfg. Co. started as a small producer of furniture springs. But, in the 75 years since, it's grown into a leading supplier of diversified components for the bedding, furniture and GSA industry. As customers express new needs and furniture manufacturing evolves, Hickory Springs Mfg. Co. continues to extend its traditional product lines to include numerous components that make up the finest upholstered furniture and bedding you can buy. This exceptional diversification in products and processes is a core commitment to our customers: quality products that enhance market opportunities.

A New Service for Sourcing

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This ecommerce Marketplace is intended to provide our customers the ability to quickly procure materials with minimal hassle. 

Check out our selection and please contact us if you can't find what you're looking for, we are constantly growing and improving our marketplace for you!