COVID-19 Emergency Supplies

HSM Recalibrates to Address Hospital Overflow

medical mattresses for hospital overflow

Like so many other businesses around the world, we've had to adapt to the current reality. As one of the nation's leading producers of components for the bedding industry, we're equipped to help meet the growing demand for beds due to hospital overflow across the country. 

metal bed for temporary medical facilities

We've developed a simple, sturdy freestanding metal bed and medical mattress combination that can be quickly and efficiently produced at scale. In fact, we're ramping up capacity to initially produce approximately 4,000 mattress units and 2,000 metal bed units per day, with potential to expand production as needed.

We have also established a temporary pricing program for both products that is below market price levels in order to support nationwide U.S. relief efforts.

To ensure these beds get to the people and facilities that desperately need them, we've chosen to work directly with end users (hospitals, temporary medical facilities) or coordinating representatives (federal, state, local, and military personnel) rather than working through distributors or resellers. 

In addition, we have temporarily halted online sales of our standard upholstery supplies to focus completely on those products that have proven helpful in COVID-19 relief efforts. These include elastic band and white accord fabric, which some are using to produce temporary protective apparel.