Simplified Terms and Conditions

The Upholsterer's Marketplace and HSM place tremendous value on our customer relationships. So, we believe transparency is crucial. To that end, we're offering this streamlined summary of our Terms and Conditions in everyday English: 

Site Mission

This is a business-to-business site and is not intended to fulfill orders for individuals.  If you, as an individual, choose to make a purchase from this site, you acknowledge that we will collect certain personal information from you in order to fulfill your order.  Hickory Springs will maintain and use that information in accordance with its Privacy Policy in the same manner that it maintains and uses the information of our business customers. 

If you want, you can review the full privacy policy.


  • Purchase methods: Our products may be purchased via credit card or using an approved HSM credit account. To apply for an HSM credit account, you’ll need to first apply for a Wholesale Account
  • Communications: Unless you ask us not to, we will default to sending all updates, notifications, and additional communications regarding your order electronically. By creating a Customer Account and/or providing us with your email address, you’re also agreeing to letting us send you occasional emails for marketing purposes. You can opt out of these messages at any time by clicking “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of an email.
  • Placing an order: To proceed with an order, you’ll need to confirm you have reviewed and agree with our Terms and Conditions and our E-signature Agreement. Checkboxes will appear at the bottom of the shopping cart page to verify this.
  • Site content: You’re allowed to share and link to any publicly accessible page on our site (in fact, we encourage it!). But, please don’t purposely associate our brand, logo, or site content with anything bound to harm our reputation. And, don’t plagiarize our content for your own purposes. If you want to use text or images posted on this site for anything other than a direct link via social media, please ask first by emailing



  • We can only ship to the 48 contiguous United States.
  • All orders containing two or more items earn FREE shipping. 
  • For single-item orders, shipping cost is calculated during the checkout process, but before your order is actually completed. You'll still be able to update your cart if the shipping charge is not what you expected.
  • We won't be able to honor any requests for overnight delivery, weekend delivery, or other premium shipping services. We will, of course, make an effort to ship every product as soon after the order is completed as possible. 
  • We will choose whichever shipping method is more cost effective based on the size/weight of your order and the delivery address. 

If you want, you can review the full shipping policy.


  • If any product arrives damaged or proves to be defective, we want you to return it so we can make it right. Please contact us immediately at or 1-828-322-1050, ext. 1255 to request an RMA number.
  • Don't send anything back to us without that RMA number. That's the only way we can effectively process a return for you.

If you want, you can review the full refund and return policy.


Site accuracy

  • We do the best we can to keep the website updated as to inventory, product specifications, and price. On occasion, however, we might make a mistake or run into an unforeseeable back order or manufacturing delay. If that happens, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to try to arrange a resolution that works for you.

  • In rare circumstances, the situation may require that the product you've chosen costs more than was listed on the site. If that happens, we will determine if we're able to honor the published price or not. If not, we will of course refund or edit your purchase as you see fit. 

    • Example: If a product was marked $100 but should have been $101, we should be able to honor the price we published in error. If the product was marked $10 but should have been $100, we won't be able to honor the published price.

If you want, you can review the full terms and conditions.