Weltcord 5/32 - Braided UFAC rated
Weltcord 5/32 - Braided UFAC rated

Welt / Bias Cord 6/32" - Braided - UFAC Rated - $0.061/yard - 800 Yards (per Roll)

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Braided Polyester Welt Cord - 6/32" Upholstery Piping

  • UFAC rated
  • Braided polyester
  • 6/32" piping diameter
  • Roll of 800 linear yards






Length 800 linear yards



This product is known by many names: welt cord (or welting cord), piping cord, flange cord, bias cord (or bias cord edge), and insertion cord. No matter what you call it, though, it's a vital component in many professional upholstery and reupholstery projects. 

Welt cord provides a durable foundation for edging and protecting upholstered furniture, and for attractive design elements as well. Braided polyester welt cord in the 6/32" diameter is a commonly used piping material for seat edging and seam protection. 

The edgings and cords we offer are designed with a focus on strength, resilience, and flexibility. No matter the application, we have the welt cord you need for durable and attractive furniture upholstery.


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